Distracted Driving Laws by State

  • 20 States and D.C. have bans on the use of  handheld devices while driving
  • All but 2 states have a ban on texting while driving
  •  Laws often differentiate between novice (typically under 18 years of age) and experienced drivers

Laws concerning distracted driving vary from state to state. The table below will show you some specifics for your state. Remember that no matter where you live, driving distracted is dangerous. To improve your focus while driving check out our Attention and Distraction course. 

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StateBan On Handheld DeviceBan On TextingTexting Penalty
Alabama x$25 fine
Alaska x$10,000 fine & jail time
Arizona  x
(Drivers will recieve a warning until 1/1/21, after that day drivers will receive a civi
Arkansas x$100 fine & 10 days in jail
Californiaxx$20 fine
Colorado x$50 fine
Connecticutxx$100 fine
Delawarexx$50 fine
Florida x 
Georgia xx$150 fine
Hawaiixx$200 fine
Idaho x$85 fine
Illinoisxx$75 fine
Indiana xUp to $500
Iowa x$30 fine
Kansas x$60 fine
Kentucky x$25 fine plus surcharge
Louisianax$175 fine
Maine xx$250-$500 fine
Marylandxx$500 fine
Massachusetts x$100 fine
Michigan x$100 fine
Minnesota xx$135 fine
Mississippi x$100 fine
$500 fine for learner’s permit drivers
Missouri  $20.50 fine
Nebraska x$200 fine
Nevadaxx$50 fine
New Hampshirexx$100 fine
New Jerseyxx$100 fine
New Mexico x 
New Yorkxx$235 fine
North Carolina x$100 fine plus surcharge fee
North Dakota x$100 fine
Ohio x$150 fine
Oklahoma x$100 fine
Oregonxx$250 fine
Pennsylvania x$50 fine
Rhode Islandxx$85 fine
South Carolina x$25 fine
South Dakota x$100 fine
Tennesseexx$50 fine
Utah x$100 fine & possible jail time
Vermont xx$156 fine
Virginia x$20 fine
Washingtonxx$124 fine
West Virginiaxx$100 fine
Wisconsinx$20-400 fine
Wyoming x$75 fine
D.C.xx$100 fine