Why are EMS drivers 12x more likely to crash than police officers?

EMS drivers do not routinely retrain EVOC skills.

Now you can online.

On Q EVOC provides online training to reinforce critical driving skills at a fraction of the cost of traditional simulation and on-road driver training. Help your entire emergency fleet with:

  • 27% + reduction in workers comp payouts
  • 25% + improvement on training performance
  • 67% + reduction in critical errors

On Q EVOC Course Description:

  • Intersection Approach
  • Intersection Assessment
  • Clearing the Intersection: Basics
  • Clearing the Intersection: Advanced Skills
  • Intersection Departure & Course Summary
  • Attention and Distraction



  • Requires decision making to change driving behavior (not a video lecture)
  • Can be implemented today with no software or system integration
  • Delivered one-on-one online in six, 30-minute modules
  • IADLEST Nationally Certified Training and “2015 Training Innovation Award”


Get The Best EVOC Training Rates For Your Fleet.

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Certification: Meets or exceeds NHTSA, IACP, IADLEST, ALERT and other standards.  IADLEST National Certification for online EVO Course.
OnQ was formally Applied Simulation Technologies (“AST”)

On Q’s online driving safety course for emergency vehicles contributed to a 9.8% reduction in accidents in 2014. We followed up in 2015 by providing On Q’s safe driving course for fleets. Our staff remembered and referenced the safe driving techniques, such as ‘Go Zone’, and can apply them while driving.
Colorado Springs Fire Department