About On Q Safety

Convenient and affordable online safety courses to help you and your organization stay certified and stay safe.

Our Philosophy

On Q’s courses are offered online through On Q’s learning management system (LMS) or made available on client LMS platforms. Each course takes approximately 2.5 to 4 hours to complete. Individual clients are registered with a unique client code that is used by each driver to be trained. Clients can sign in through most computers, tablets, and smartphones to access the training that is provided through the cloud. Progress in the course is bookmarked for drivers, allowing them to sign in at any time and return to where they left off. Each driver’s performance and completion of the training is tracked on the LMS and the client administrator has access into the LMS to view each driver’s training performance and progress.

On Q’s EVO course was developed to meet 3 hours of the NHTSA 1995 Module A classroom instruction requirement to meaningfully teach the subject matter using current online training technology. The online course immerses students in realistic training situations that depict actual EVOC maneuvers and test decision-making to train safe behaviors rather than simply test memory. The course focuses on Code 3 EVO driving to increase understanding of procedures to create safer drivers.

On Q’s EVOC meets or exceeding NHTSA curriculum standards. Additionally, EVOC complies with Federal Law Enforcement Training Accreditation (FLETA) standards, International Association of Chiefs of Police, and several other emergency vehicle organizations

Semi truck driving rural highway

Our Instructors

On Q’s experts include Reginald Welles, Darrell Turpin and Doug Slagowski among many others who contribute to our course content. Reginald and Darrell founded I-SIM, a pioneering company in driving simulation training. Reginald’s past responsibilities include Technical Advisor to the National Teen Research Center and Technical Advisor for the 21st Century Teen Driving Program for the Joshua Brown Foundation and the California Commission on Police Officer Standards and Training (POST). Reginald is a former Army Officer and disabled veteran and has published over 20 papers on driving simulation technologies and training applications. Darrell has worked continuously developing leading-edge driving simulator technologies for 30 years with a specific focus on adapting those technologies for research and training applications. Darrell provided technical direction as co-founder and Chief Technology Officer for I-Sim Corp, and then again for the GE Driver Development Corp.

Doug Slagowski is an EVOC training expert with Over 20 years of relevant experience in all phases of Emergency Vehicle Operations (EVO) including overseeing the construction of Utah’s EVO Range for the Department of Public Safety; the development and implementation of new curriculum and objective testing processes; the design and implementation of new skill courses, evasive techniques courses, cumulative skill courses, night pursuit courses, tactical courses (including officer survival, traffic stops, high risk stops including PIT and TPAC), and the use of and testing process for vehicle simulators; budgeted monies and contracted businesses to purchase vehicles, to build and repair water systems, electrical systems, and the paving of roads; provided knowledge as a consultant to police agencies around the world including the FBI, DEA, and the US Secret Service; trained over 9000 students from Utah, Wyoming, Idaho, California, Washington, Colorado, Nevada, Arizona, Iowa, Kansas, Mississippi, Louisiana, Minnesota, Florida, Texas, Indiana, Georgia, New York, West Virginia, Arkansas, South Dakota & North Carolina, Great Britain, and Australia; supervised both training supervisors and students.

Doug’s training includes:
EVOC training at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center in Glenco, GA
Advanced Emergency Vehicle Training I at the General Motors facility in Mesa, AZ
Advanced Emergency Vehicle Training II at the General Motors facility in Mesa, AZ
EVOC training at the Washington State Police Academy, Olympia, WA
EVOC training at the FBI training center in Wallkill, NY
EVOC training at the Indiana Police Academy in Indianapolis

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