On Q EVOC Courses

EVOC Training

EVOC Police

Safe driving under Code 3 conditions is a skill that must be practiced to avoid crashes. On Q’s EVOC Police course provides essential decision-making practice at a fraction of the cost of simulation and on-track training.

EVOC Fire Fighter

Supplementing simulation and in-vehicle training with On Q’s online emergency vehicle operations courses helps both ensure safety and reduce training costs. Sacrificing training to budget cuts is not a viable option.

EVOC Ambulance

Driving behavior under Code 3 conditions must be trained to ensure safety. On Q’s EVOC EMT course trains good decision-making under stress to help avoid crashes involving emergency vehicle drivers who don’t get enough practice.

Results, Benefits, Features

  • Keeps drivers safer on the road
  • Decreases injuries and costs resulting from collisions
  • Reduces both your workers comp and general liability insurance costs
  • Counts toward continuing education credits in most states
  • Supplements and/or replaces more expensive live individual and group training
  • Replenishes perishable technical driving skills
  • Requires decision making designed to change driving behavior (not a video lecture)
  • Can be implemented today with no software or system integration
  • Delivered one-on-one online in six, 30-minute modules
  • IADLEST Nationally Certified Training and “2015 Training Innovation Award”

Immediate return on investment with On Q EVOC driving safety training

Expect $100 saved for every $10 spent

  • 27% + reduction in workers comp payouts
  • 25% + improvement on training performance
  • 67% + reduction in critical errors

“On Q training superbly enhances our EVOC program and my administration now sees why I was pushing for this program from the beginning.  I know that with the implementation of these emergency driving principles our officers and our citizens will be safer on the roads of St. Paul.”

Officer Terry E., St. Paul Police Department, MN