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3-hr course. We are committed to helping you stay safe driving under code 3. Refresh your EVOC and attention skills now.


Fire Emergency Vehicle Operations Course plus our Attention & Distraction Course. Motor pool costs are the 2nd largest expense for fire departments. Dramatically decrease motor pool expenses, collisions, and injuries with On Q File EVOC training. On Q provides training for your entire department!

On Q EVOC provides online training to reinforce critical fire driving skills at a fraction of the cost of traditional simulation and on-road driver training.  The course focuses on intersection negotiation under code-3 with 5, 30-minute lessons covering approaching, assessing, navigating and exiting the intersection.

This course includes the Attention and Distraction lesson, a 30-minute lesson from the full 3-hour Defensive Driving course. This course raises awareness of distractions inside and outside of a vehicle, including the risks associated with cell phone use while operating a vehicle. Drivers practice strategies for eliminating controllable distractions and making necessary adjustments for distractions they cannot control.

Course Details

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Computer, Phone, Tablet


3.0 Hours

Enrollment Duration

90 Days

Course Lessons

Lesson #1: Intersection Approach

  • Identify the primary goals of the Approach stage of intersection navigation
  • Label highway travel lanes with corresponding reference numbers
  • Label highway travel lanes with corresponding reference numbers
  • Select appropriate methods for maximizing vehicle control when approaching intersections
  • Recognize the risks associated with improper intersection negotiation

Lesson #2: Intersection Assessment

  • Describe how the assessment stage and the approach stage work together in intersection analysis
  • Identify all the hazards and potential hazards in a given scenario
  • Categorize the hazards as potential or immediate and prioritize them according to their level of danger
  • Recognize the risks associated with each hazard

Lesson #3: Clearing the Intersection: Basics

  • List basic steps for clearing an intersection
  • Select appropriate methods for clearing an intersection
  • Recognize the risks associated with improper intersection clearing

Lesson #4: Clearing the Intersection: Advanced Skills

  • Recognize the additional hazards associated with clearing a congested intersection
  • Recognize the importance of slowing down and giving you additional time to recognize and respond to these hazards
  • List the steps for safely clearing a congested intersection
  • Know the methods for clearing an intersection when your lanes are blocked
  • Identify the most common mistakes made when clearing a congested intersection

Lesson #5: Intersection Departure & Course Summary

  • List the steps for safely departing an intersection
  • Recognizing the common hazards you might encounter during the departure stage
  • Recall all steps and key concepts in the EVO Intersection Analysis process

Lesson #6: Attention and Distraction

  • Recognize negative effects of looking away from the road for more than two seconds
  • Practice strategies for eliminating controllable, internal distractions
  • Making necessary adjustments for minimizing outside distractions

NHTSA Standards

On Q’s EVO Course Compliance with NHTSA Standards: On Q EVOC was developed to meet 3 hours of the NHTSA 1995 Module A classroom instruction requirement to meaningfully teach the subject matter using current online training technology. The online course immerses students in realistic training situations that depict actual EVOC maneuvers and test decision-making to train safe behaviors rather than simply test memory. The course focuses on Code 3 EVO driving to increase understanding of procedures to create safer drivers. An outline of all aspects of the course is attached for reference.

  • Certification: Meets or exceeds NHTSA, IACP, IADLEST, ALERT and other standards, and qualifies as in-service education in most states. IADLEST National Certification for online EVO Course. On Q was formally Applied Simulation Technologies (“AST”)

Benefits & Features


  • Keeps your entire fleet safer on the road
  • Decreases injuries and costs resulting from collisions
  • Reduces both your workers comp and general liability insurance costs


  • Counts toward continuing education credits in most states
  • Supplements and/or replaces more expensive live individual and group training
  • Replenishes perishable technical driving skills


  • Requires decision making designed to change driving behavior (not a video lecture)
  • Can be implemented today with no software or system integration
  • Delivered one-on-one online in short 20- to 30-minute lessons
  • IADLEST Nationally Certified Training and “2015 Training Innovation Award”

Customer Results

  • National insurance company documented a 27% reduction in workers comp payout alone
  • State Highway Patrol department had 18 fewer at-fault collisions within six months
  • Local fire department experienced a 10% reduction in collisions within six months


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