Incident Command System


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1-hr course. Improve leadership skills with this foundational introductory course to an Incident Command System. This course is an excerpt from the 6.5 hour Fire Command course.

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The Incident Command Systems (ICS) Course identifies and presents specific, discrete, and measurable skills that define a successful Incident Commander. It consists of 1 hour-long module, with specific questions to keep the learner engaged. The ICS course increases understanding of

The important skills learned in this course become necessary in the most critical of emergency situations. Train now in order to succeed later.


Course Details

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1.0 Hours

Enrollment Duration

90 Days

Course Lessons

Incident Command System (ICS) Course Description

  • Identify and describe ICS terminology, principles and features
  • Explain the responsibilities and functions of Incident Commanders
  • Discuss the responsibilities of Command Staff at incident scenes
  • Explain the differences between the positions within the ICS organization
  • Describe and identify common leadership responsibilities to manage incidents
  • Describe and identify leadership responsibilities in managing complex incidents
  • Identify and describe the Levels of Operations of Command

Benefits & Features


  • Improves leadership skills throughout the department, prepping all department members to advance in leadership
  • Increases emergency preparedness of giving a basic understanding of various emergency situations


  • Online format allows for study and review after completion of course
  • Supplements and/or replaces more expensive live individual and group training


  • Accessible from any location with internet connection, on desktop or mobile
  • Can be implemented today with no software or system integration
  • Delivered one-on-one online in 11, 30-60 minute modules


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