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30-min course. Put the phone down! This Attention & Distraction course was developed specifically for drivers to learn skills to combat distraction issues.


Attention and Distraction for individuals and families is a 30-minute lesson from the full 3-hour Street Smarts course. This lesson raises driver awareness of distractions inside and outside of a vehicle, including the risks associated with cell phone use while operating a vehicle. Drivers practice strategies for eliminating controllable distractions and making necessary adjustments for distractions they cannot control.

Course Details

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Computer, Phone, Tablet


0.5 Hours

Enrollment Duration

90 Days

Course Lesson

Lesson: Attention & Distraction

  • Recognize negative effects of looking away from the road for more than two seconds
  • Practice strategies for eliminating controllable, internal distractions
  • Making necessary adjustments for minimizing outside distractions

Benefits & Features


  • Keeps your entire fleet safer on the road
  • Decreases injuries and costs resulting from collisions
  • Reduces both your workers comp and general liability insurance costs


  • Counts toward continuing education credits in most states
  • Supplements and/or replaces more expensive live individual and group training
  • Replenishes perishable technical driving skills


  • Requires decision making designed to change driving behavior (not a video lecture)
  • Can be implemented today with no software or system integration
  • Delivered one-on-one online in short 20- to 30-minute lessons
  • IADLEST Nationally Certified Training and “2015 Training Innovation Award”

Customer Results

  • National insurance company documented a 27% reduction in workers comp payout alone
  • State Highway Patrol department had 18 fewer at-fault collisions within six months
  • Local fire department experienced a 10% reduction in collisions within six months


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