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2.5-hr course. Most first-responder crashes occur in intersections. Refresh perishable skills right now!


Emergency Vehicle Operations Course for fire departments. Motor pool costs are the 2nd largest expense for fire departments. Dramatically decrease motor pool expenses, collisions, and injuries with On Q EVOC Fire online training. Training for your entire department!

On Q EVOC Fire reinforces critical driving skills at a fraction of the cost of traditional simulation and on-road driver training. The course focuses on intersection negotiation under code-3 with 5, 30-minute lessons covering approaching, assessing, navigating and exiting an intersection.

Stay certified and stay safe.

Don’t forget to ask your personal auto carrier for a discount for completing a driving safety course.

This course does NOT include the attention and distraction lesson.

Course Details

View on your

Computer, Phone, Tablet


2.5 Hours

Enrollment Duration

90 Days

Course Lessons

Lesson #1: Intersection Approach

Lesson #2: Intersection Assessment

Lesson #3: Clearing the Intersection: Basics

Lesson #4: Clearing the Intersection: Advanced Skills

Lesson #5: Intersection Departure & Course Summary

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