Resilience for First Responders


Online Training

A 3.5-hour online course designed to help first responders improve their mental health and resilience.


This is a 3.5-hour course taught by Em Capito, Integrative Psychotherapist / LCSW.

This course will teach you how to build resilience from the ground up. Learning how to improve you resilience will allow you to successfully navigate tough times, good times, and everything in between.

Em will walk you through the Hierarchy of Resilience and provide you with detailed instruction on how to improve yourself at each level. Doing so will help you maintain mental fortitude through challenges that come your way. She will also teach you how to notice and address the pitfalls and vulnerabilities you may encounter while building resilience.

Course Details

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Computer, Phone, Tablet


3.0 Hours

Enrollment Duration

90 Days


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