4 Ways To Save Money And Earn Rewards While Driving

Everyone appreciates a safe driver on the road, but most of the time safe-drivers are overlooked. It’s more common to get caught up on the bad drivers terrorizing the roads. For this reason, we have compiled a list of ways that you can be rewarded for your safe driving.


Many auto insurance providers offer a good driver discount of some kind. The type of discount program varies from company to company. An example can be found through this link to Allstate’s website. Their program includes opportunities to earn points that can be redeemed for gift cards or sweepstakes. State Farm has a Drive Safe app that offers a five percent discount just for signing up. Although some insurance providers may not offer a safe driving discount, it is worth your time to research what discount you can receive from your provider.

Tax Write Off

Although tax write-offs for on-the-job driving aren’t exclusively given to safe-drivers, it is another opportunity to take advantage of regardless. According to turbotax.intuit.com , “If you use your car for anything work-related, other than simply commuting from home to work, there are deductions you can take”.  You can write off around 54 cents per business mile you drive (tax deductions not available if your employer reimburses you for mileage). The important thing is to record your miles driven, where you drove, and for what purpose. There are apps that will assist you in keeping this information, or you can enter the information into an excel sheet daily. This simple practice can end up providing you with considerable savings come tax season.


There are several apps available for download that reward drivers for putting their phones down while behind the wheel. One such app with positive reviews would be HyperDrive Rewards. With HyperDrive you earn points for safe driving that can be redeemed for gift cards, it also gives you the ability to learn your driving behaviors through insights provided.

Gas Loyalty Programs

Many fuel companies offer a rewards program of some sort that can provide you with savings at the pump. Reward programs vary vastly between companies, but a list of top programs can be found here. Offers are usually somewhere between 5-10 cents off per gallon.

These are a few of the ways that you can be rewarded for your driving. Thank you for driving cautiously and helping make the roads a safer place.