EVOC Part 5 of 5: Intersection Departure

Part 5 of a 5 part series giving helpful insights into intersection negotiation for emergency responders. 

Departure Summary

Police car leaving intersection

The departure step of the intersection negotiation process requires many of the same skills used throughout the steps prior. Even though the emergency driver is leaving the intersection behind them, they must remain alert searching for hazards while preparing for the next intersection. It is also important to keep acceleration smooth and controlled when leaving an intersection. Accelerating too quickly can cause a driver to loose control, increasing the danger for everyone present. The actions taken in the departure step during intersection negotiation lead to a successful intersection analysis cycle.

The Intersection Analysis Cycle

As shown in the video above, all 5 steps described in the Emergency Vehicle Operator Series form a cycle that takes an emergency driver from intersection to intersection. While going through the various steps, a rhythm is formed that keeps the driver moving safely along. If any step in the process is neglected, it can increase the risk present throughout the whole process.

Training Importance

The skills and strategies discussed throughout the duration of this 5 part Emergency Vehicle Operator series are very important for the safety of first responders. In order to efficiently learn the intersection negotiation process view our training available at https://www.onqsafety.com/on-q-evoc-courses/

The courses listed are interactive, providing and effective training experience that has a lasting impact on drivers and departments. Contact a representative through our website for more information.