EVOC Part 1 of 5 : Intersection Approach

Part 1 of a 5 part series giving helpful insights into intersection negotiation for emergency responders. 

Intersection Danger

The video below took place recently as a  police cruiser was struck by a vehicle passing through an intersection in response to a double shooting. The officer recieved minor injuries while the driver of the other vehicle was reported to have no injuries.

Source: Kyle Wellner via Storyful 

Unfortunately this type of scene is a common occurrence among emergency  vehicles. In fact around 50% of emergency vehicle collisions take place in an intersection. Understanding how to safely negotiate an intersection can cut the likelihood of a crash in half.


See and Be Seen

One of the most important parts of approaching an intersection is sight. It is important for an emergency vehicle driver to take the time to clearly see the intersection and immediate hazards. The driver must ask for the right of way rather than demanding it because an emergency vehicle isn’t always as noticeable as it might seem. Studies show that while 96% of pedestrians hear sirens well enough to identify the direction of travel, only 24% of motorists are able to do the same. Emergency vehicle drivers must make sure they are seen. Having a system for approaching and intersection is key to safety.  This video illustrates On Q’s system for intersection safety. 

Source: On Q Safety’s Police EVOC Online Driving Course Lesson 1

As shown in the training video segment, proper intersection approach will initiate a successful intersection negotiation. An efficient approach transitions into the next step and part 2 of the Emergency Vehicle Operation series: Intersection Assessment.  Look for Part 2 to be posted next week.