How To Deal With The Dangers Of Road Rage

Road Rage can often be thought of as comical, or for many people, it is their secret indiscretion. In reality, the dangers of aggressive driving can be alarming.

The Facts

According to and

  • 37% of road rage incidents involve at least one firearm.
  • Around 30 murders annually are linked to road rage.
  • Nearly 2/3 of traffic fatalities are associated with aggressive driving.
  • 50% of drivers who are the recipient of aggressive behavior while driving, reciprocate the action.
  • In a survey, 2% of respondents admitted to reacting to an aggressive driver by trying to run them off the road. (If the 2% from the sample applies to all 225 million licensed drivers in the United States, that’s around 4.5 million drivers who have attempted to run someone off the road.)

How to React to A Driver That’s Road Raging

With road rage being such a prevalent issue for drivers, it is important to understand how to deal with someone who is raging. The following steps will help you avoid confrontations with aggressive drivers

  1. Do Not Engage- Abstain from honking, yelling, or making gestures at the aggressive driver. This will only escalate the situation.
  2. Move Aside – Get your vehicle out of the path of the driver. Allow them to pass or do whatever possible to distance yourself from the individual.
  3. Avoid Eye Contact- Making eye contact only encourages interaction between you and the aggressive driver.
  4. Remember The Big Picture- Do your best to control your emotions and remember the bigger picture. It is unlikely that any lesson you may attempt to teach an aggressive driver will have a lasting effect. Keep in mind the dangers of road rage with the understanding that any confrontation is not worth putting your safety at risk.

Following these steps will help keep you and your passengers safe while on the road. Driving safety is a priority to us at OnQ Safety. To learn more about how to drive defensively, check out our defensive driving course.