How To Make The Roads A Safer Place For Bikers

Keeping Bikers Safe

According to the National Safety Council, motorcycles make up just .6% of vehicle miles traveled in the U.S. Given this statistic it is alarming to learn that motorcyclists accounted for 14% of all traffic fatalities in 2017. For the number of motorcyclists on the road, they are alarmingly overrepresented in fatalities. How can we make the road a safer place for bikers?

According to the 10 of the most common motorcycle accidents are as follows:

  1. A car turning left in front of oncoming motorcyclists
  2. Motorcyclists losing traction due to gravel/dirt/leaves etc. traveling around a blind corner
  3. Motorcyclists entering a corner too fast
  4. A car changing lanes into a motorcyclist
  5. A car rear-ending a motorcyclist
  6. Groups of motorcyclists riding together irresponsibly
  7. Motorcyclists locking the front brake when attempting to stop
  8. A driver opening their car door in front of an oncoming motorcyclists
  9. Motorcyclists losing control due to weather conditions
  10. Motorcyclists driving under the influence

What Drivers Should Do to Keep Bikers Safe

  • Be cautious of blind spots while driving, motorcycles are relatively small and can be lost from sight much easier
  • Give the same amount of room and respect to motorcyclists as you would any other vehicle
  • Avoid distractions while driving such as cell phones, eating, or unnecessary interactions with passengers
  • When parked on the side of a roadway, open your car door with your opposite hand. This causes your body to turn towards the road and will help you see any oncoming motorcyclists

What Motorcyclists Should Do to Keep Themselves Safe

  • Wear a DOT certified helmet whenever you’re riding
  • Choose a bike that is a good fit for your size and skill level
  • Keep headlights on day and night to be more visible
  • Drive extra cautiously at intersections which are hotspots for crashes
  • Drive with the assumption that you are invisible to other vehicles
  • Don’t EVER drive under the influence

If motorcyclists and motorists work together the road can become a much safer place for everyone.