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The Truth About Distracted Driving

It’s no secret that distracted driving is dangerous. Considering that the average individual has been warned about these dangers, why does it seem impossible to drive on the freeway for more than 30-seconds without seeing a fellow driver sharing their focus between the road and their phone? Maybe it’s because people often learn their lesson by “accident”. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration there were 3,166 deaths in 2017 attributed to distracted driving. That’s the equivalent of eight “jumbo” jets crashing each year. Why such a high number and why do few seem to care?

Driver overconfidence

The underlying issue is that the majority of drivers feel comfortable multi-tasking while driving. A recent report released NHTSA explains that around 55% of males and 52% of females feel that talking on the phone while behind the wheel has no effect on their driving abilities. Around 25 % of both male and female drivers feel confident texting and driving. Drivers are drastically overestimating their abilities to multitask while on the road.

Impact on others

Distracted driving causes repercussions for more than just the driver choosing to make them. A recent article featured on CBS news titled “Distracted drivers an increasing threat to first responders” explains the effects distracted driving is having on our first responder heroes who serve their communities. The article states “40 first responders were killed on the side of the road last year… so far this year, 21 have died,”. These fatality statistics become even more alarming when paired with a follow-on statement “71% of drivers admitted to taking photos and texting while driving by emergency workers; that’s nearly triple the 24% who admitted to doing it under normal driving conditions.” The numbers show that distracted driving is taking its toll on first responder victims who deserve our protection as they protect us.

On Q Safety’s solution

There is clearly a need for education about the true consequences of distracted driving. On Q Safety takes pride in increasing the safety of drivers across the nation with our immersive driving safety training. To learn more about courses on attention and distraction for you and your organization visit:

Please, don’t become an additional distracted driving statistic. Whatever it is that distracts you while driving, it can wait until you’re off the road! Drive safe.